Ai Mai Mii Surgical Friends Review

Ai-Mai-Mi (あいまいみー, Ai Mai Mī) is a Japanese yonkoma online manga series written and illustrated by Choborau Nyopomi. It has been adapted into an anime television series. A second season was announced on the anime's website in the beginning of April.
A third season was announced in November 2016 and premiered in January 2017.
The story follows the lives of the girls Ai, Mai, Mi and Ponoka-senpai, who together form the "Manga Club" where they fight against alien invaders, face fierce rivals and do all sorts of crazy things when they are not drawing manga.
Ponoka-senpai's shell-shocked reaction to a forex market crash from volume 2 of the manga and episode 9 of the anime became an internet meme called "The face of the people who sank all their money into the FX" (FXで有り金全部溶かす人の顔).
In 2014, DMM FX, the world's second largest forex company by trading volume at the time, had a collaboration with Ai Mai Mi where new users could receive T-shirts with Ponoka's glassy expression on them.
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